Learn MS Excel 2010

Learn MS Excel 2010 from Beginner to Advanced Level (Course Completion E-certification)

27 thoughts on “Learn MS Excel 2010 from Beginner to Advanced Level (Course Completion E-certification)

  1. Unable to find excel worksheet for 1st & 2nd videos. Download section has no files

  2. nice teaching methodology

  3. awesome

  4. may I know where is pdf reference for download?

  5. I want to download all these docs and videos, but not able to download. It is download or not.

  6. Dear Sir,
    As per order on Snap deal is Learn MS Excel 2010 E-certification Online Course from Beginner to Advanced Level (52 Video Lectures, 36 PDF’s
    But I got videos, still, pdf is not available, Plz do needful help

  7. it was good

    1. The learning experience was very good… I got some of the very useful information which was really an essential one.

  8. Hi Team,

    I have completed the MS Excel E-certification course on 20/10/2017. I wanted to know how will i gt my Certificate for this course which I completed today. Please update me asap, so tat it will be useful for me to update in my resume.

  9. Please tell me how to download the lessons

  10. 1 Class I have click in Download and it’s showing there was no content

  11. nc video

  12. where my certificate

  13. Hi,
    I couldn’t find any PDF files for this course. As per the snapdeal order, there should be 52 videos and 36 PDF’s. Can’t I download the videos/PDF’s?


    1. Also it is mentioned as lifetime validity but here it is like 9 weeks 3 days next. Please update me.

  14. how can i downlaods the video ‘s or pdf’s of the chapters

  15. what i do next?

  16. how to download homework excel link , can u plz give us the links that shown in chapter 2 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. i dont understand


  19. i cant download the homework problems.can u please provide a link of homework problem

  20. great , most of the regular formulas coverd

  21. Good course, its supports me lot to reduce the time of my work. As well quality of the videos and voice clear and understandable. Most of the important formulas and analytics covered. than ks for the creator.

  22. Hi sir, as you see i have completed my course of ms exel online , please provide me certificate for same

  23. viry nice

    1. very nice

  24. TRANSPOSE COLUMNS AND ROWS i am unable to follow. it is not working. can you please explain further

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